Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | By: Brianna

Writing Every Day

After my Lenten goal to write every day was so successful, I promptly dropped the "write every day" goal and lapsed into laziness, May Term, and summer vacation. Naturally, now that I'm back at school and procrastination is necessitated by the existence of homework, I'm bringing back my goal to actually write every day. And I am proud to say that I have written every day for 11 days now. Which I would say was a record, but that would be a downright lie since Lent is 40 days. Not including Sundays. I think.

Anyway, in writing every day again, my calendar is pleasantly populated by happy little orange x's on the days that I write, and my notebook has stopped complaining that it's gathering dust. I personally think that such a complaint is unfounded merely because I consistently find myself moving my notebook from one side of the bookshelf to the other if only to keep it from staring at me. Because I worry about these things.

And now instead of reading about Shakespeare's historical context, I'm typing on a blog that I really only use to blabber to myself about randomness since there's very little point in anyone else reading it. Mostly because it may not make sense to anyone who either considers themselves sane or don't know me. So apparently blabbering about my own blabber is totally acceptable.
Since I'm the only one who reads this blog anyway. :^P


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