Friday, October 19, 2012 | By: Brianna

Poetry Friday -- Kiss

Once upon a time, I read a poem by Gabriel Gadfly.  Once upon another time, I thought that I should post something about Poetry Friday, and StumbleUpon provided me with another Gabriel Gadfly, this one titled "Kiss."

This is an example of a poem that uses the same word over and over.  Though I'm sometimes of the opinion that if you say a word over and over again that it starts to lose meaning because all it becomes is a sound, I believe that this poem uses "kiss" effectively without allowing it to lose its meaning.  In fact, I would argue that this poem opens up far more definitions and interpretations of the word "kiss" and what it actually means to kiss someone.  And the experience of communicating through an intimacy like that.

The line "you are the water and the jug" reminded me quite a bit of Billy Collins' "Litany" mostly because of the way that the line is set up in the "you are the ________ and the ________" format.  I'm wondering if that was a purposeful similarity.  Then again, rather than continuing to list the things that the "you" is or is not, Gadfly transforms it into a metaphor with his "thirst and thirst."  Going along with that, there's a good bit of water imagery and words that evoke the idea of water: spill, thirst, moist, etc.

This poem interested me in that it makes simple rhymes, but they're not distracting.  I usually find that amateur poets who try to write rhyming poetry come out sounding like Dr. Seuss.  And maybe that's just my prejudice, or I'm weird, but yeah.  That.  But Gadfly juggles his simple rhymes with a grace that keeps them from being distracting.

And this is when I lose steam because my brain is mush.

1.  Experiment with rhyme without creating a Dr. Seuss poem.  Good luck!
2.  Come up with a simple metaphor that you can extend through a couple lines.  Kinda like the "water and the jug," and the "smoke and the salt."
3.  Write about a kiss.  Or a series of kisses.

"But first I will kiss her and spill
Herds of sweet words
Over the hills of our mouths,
Beautiful words..."
- Gabriel Gadfly, "Kiss"


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