Friday, December 28, 2012 | By: Brianna

Itunes Shuffle Poem 2

So I "wrote" one of these before, and I thought that I should write a blog post tonight while I'm procrastinating my Poem-A-Day make-up poems, so here we go.  Here's another itunes shuffle poem brought to you by the randomness that is my itunes.  Voila!

I feel it incumbent to warn any readers in advance that this poem includes random capitalization because I put it in Word originally and I was too lazy to play with the capitalization.  It also includes strange line breaks that I fiddled around with just because I could.  Good times.

1. Open up iTunes or the equivalent (or if you prefer, use your MP3 player)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Play 21 songs.
4. If you come across an instrumental song, skip it and play another song instead. Otherwise, no skipping!
5. Write down the first line of each of the first twenty songs. This is your poem. You can't change the line order, but you can group the stanzas however you like.
6. The first line of the twenty-first song is your poem's title.

Good times for a change
By: Brianna

When I look
 into your eyes
 I see sunshine:
The piano is not firewood

You think I’m
an ignorant
Elope with me Miss Private
and we’ll sail around the world
(Where I go when I go there).

Oh yeah, oh yeah,
I’m falling
Time to lay claim
to the evidence.

If I was a flower
growing wild and free…
If you love somebody,
better tell them while they’re

There’s a song that’s
of my soul:
Black crows
on a blue sky,
always making a mess.

Goodbye L.A.
Morning falls like
rain into the city life.

Don’t talk,
don’t say
a thing…
And if your heart
 I’ll be here

Come with me and you’ll
be in a world
of pure imagination:
I had visions, I was in them.

Sunshine go away today,
Seems I’ve got to have
a change of scene--
Feelin’s gettin’ stronger.


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