Thursday, May 16, 2013 | By: Brianna

Fowl Play

Remember that time when I told you that I was going to write a poem based on the prompt "foul play" for a writing group?  Remember also that I said I was going to write about theatrical chickens?  Well, I came through.  We're not going to talk about syllables and verb tense though...but if you really want to talk about it...send me an owl or something.

Fowl Play
By: Brianna

The chickens casted a comedy
to perform out in the yard.
The rooster wrote out the melody
(it really wasn’t quite hard).

Rehearsal was held in the henhouse
with hens dancing around eggs.
They were directed by the ruffed grouse
who told them to shake a leg.

Opening night, the cast was nervous
as they gathered out on stage
to do the author a disservice
would certainly cause outrage.

The field mice crept in for the curtain
and brought with them their fine cheese
twould be a good show, they were certain
as long as nobody sneezed.

When they fin’ly reached intermission
the play was going quite well
without a last minute addition
of anything that might smell.

Lovers kissed for the happiest end
and all came out for a bow
by then the poultry death blade descend…ed.
It’s chicken for dinner right now!


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