Sunday, February 28, 2010 | By: Brianna


So I discovered that my friend who shares her itunes library with everyone within range has the Indiana Jones soundtrack on her itunes. While a normal human being would probably not listen to a movie soundtrack just for fun, I put it on so I could listen to something that wouldn't distract me while I was doing my homework. And I made a discovery.

Listening to Indiana Jones while doing my homework makes it feel like an epic accomplishment when I finish something.

So after finishing a review of a play I went to see last week and e-mailing it to myself, the soundtrack was finished. My next task? Astronomy accompanied by Star Wars. Appropriate? I think so. Highly appropriate, in fact.

It's really a comfort to know that I find enjoyment in my homework when it has a soundtrack. Why can't life have a soundtrack? I really sometimes wish that it would, but then I realize that my life would have the ironic "oh how sad" mocking music whenever I do something stupid, and I worry that that would get a little old. And would other people be able to hear my life's soundtrack? I wonder, because I'd rather not have other people hear the "love theme" when someone I think is attractive walks by. That would just be embarrassing...for everyone involved, I'm sure. Though amusing for others, I suppose. As of right now, if my life had a soundtrack, I would like it to be composed by John Williams or Hans Zimmer. Or maybe Alan Silvestri. Not so sure about Danny Elfman, he does a lot of creepy stuff...
I'm going to have to give some thought as to who shall compose the soundtrack of my life. I'll keep you posted.


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