Monday, February 22, 2010 | By: Brianna

Riddle Me This

So on Friday, one of my friends called me at midnight, asking me if I could take a look at a poem he had written to submit to this magazine. I said that I would, and promptly spent the good part of an hour talking to him about his poem, suggesting revisions and complimenting my favorite lines and concepts.
Of course, this doesn't seem like it might be an odd occurrence.
I have sworn to loathe poetry for all eternity.
In fact, one of my favorite homework assignments is to critique my classmates' poems for class. Is it the poetry or something else?

I would say that despite my growing fancy for poetry, it's "something else." For some reason, I really enjoy critiquing and editing things. For instance, I've got lined up a paper by my best friend and a short story by a friend here, both to distract me from my Astronomy reading. Which believe me, is fine by me.
Why do I like editing and critiquing? Is it because I get to tear open a piece of writing and write all over it in pretty colors? Is it because I'm self-righteous and think that whatever I'm critiquing is made better just because I'm writing all over it in pretty colors? I wonder if an ability to edit and critique comes naturally or if it's something you learn from critiquing your own work...I don't really know, but I do know that the next person who tells me they're writing a paper, I will be volunteering to edit it. I hope I don't put the Writing Center out of business.

“Only presidents, editors and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial we.” - Mark Twain


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