Sunday, March 7, 2010 | By: Brianna


Time trickles against the will of those who would have it stop. The few grabbing at the frayed hem of Time's robe, the strings loosening between their desperate fingers.
"What?" Time asked, tired of the constant clinging.
"Just stop for a second."
"I see no second here."
Time walks on, her desperate train imploring her to stop . Just for a tad. But was IS a "tad"? Time snickers at her own wit.


The young woman walked with care. She held the leash of a silver haired mutt, and she wore dark sunglasses. Sitting down on a park bench, she let out a breath.
"Lovely day."
"Gorgeous," agreed the dog.


What IS popcorn anyway? How is it related to corn on the cob? Maybe it's a distant cousin. A bastard son of an illegitimate union between a corn cob and a peanut? How would that even work? So a corn cob and a peanut walk into a genetic laboratory...Sounds like the beginning of a lame dinner joke.


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