Friday, March 26, 2010 | By: Brianna

Drastic plastics tonguing street corners restlessly.

I have decided that it greatly annoys me when I step into the shower, turn on the water, and a lightbulb turns on. I'm not talking a literal lightbulb, I'm talking lightbulbs of the metaphorical variety. I'm talking the "EUREKA!" lightbulbs. The "oh my gosh, so that's what gravity is!" lightbulbs.
The lightbulbs that make me want to jump out of the shower sopping wet and run naked across the hall to grab a pen and paper.
I don't think my roommate would appreciate that very much.
Okay, so I'm thankful for any lightbulbs that grace me whenever they grace me, but could they just delay their arrival for until I get out of the shower and maybe dry off a little bit?
I don't think my notebook would appreciate being dripped on.
This is the perfect opportunity for someone to invent a waterproof way of documenting those lightbulb moments. Especially for writers such as myself who have short attention spans and horrible memories. I would keep it in a pocket. Somewhere. They'd have to install some sort of shelf in the shower specially crafted to hold this waterproof documenting device. Honestly, whoever invents that will make a mint. I would tell all my friends, and just think of the number of novels, poems, philosophical arguments and worthless headlines could be written just because the person could write them down immediately after thinking of them.
While in the shower.
I know I would buy one. Whatever it may be. Laminated notebook pages and special pen (maybe a Sharpie, they work everywhere)? Some type of waterproof messaging, note-taking device? Handheld, of course.
Think of all those lightbulbs saved.
Instead of burnt out.


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