Thursday, May 6, 2010 | By: Brianna


You have to love small children.
Today I went on a walk around the neighborhood surrounding school. I was planning on going to the Constitution Trail, but then I thought that maybe there would be too many people around there, and I didn't want to deal with people this morning. So I just wandered. As I was wandering, I re-noticed the tower type thing that's north of the school. Cutting between two houses on a gravel driveway, I crossed the Shirk parking lot and headed toward it as best I could. Unfortunately, there wasn't a direct route to it from where I was, but I ended up as close as I could get, discovering that it was part of the Immanuel Bible Foundation? It's in the backyard of this mansion thing that they own. Here, enjoy:

The reason why I love small children is because I was on my way to this tower thing, so I had to go through the residential part of the neighborhood (surprise, surprise). As I was walking, I noticed chalk on the sidewalk, so naturally I stopped to check it out. Written on the sidewalk in large green letters, it said, "ICE POP!" accompanied by an arrow that pointed to the house behind it. And right underneath it, in smaller pink letters, it said "Never mind."
I couldn't stop smiling. :^)


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