Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | By: Brianna

Music Prefs

Q:  So what kind of music do you listen to?

A:  I listen to a lot of music, I'm not sure I can describe what kinds.

Q:  Try.  Try real hard.

A:  Well fine, there's no need to be snippy about it or anything.  Gosh.

I love listening to the radio.  With my old car, I particularly enjoyed rolling down all the windows and listening to the radio.  And singing.  Shamelessly.  Because a teenage girl cruising in a white station wagon and singing along with the radio is nothing if not charming.  I'm kidding, I just really thought it was fun until my hair blew into my face, which was irritating.  My biggest objection to taking my mom's old car when my car got sold was the fact that my mom's car didn't have a functioning radio.  It worked, but it needed a hair tie to keep the volume knob in a certain place so the circuit completed and provided the driver with music.  It was air conditioning that it definitely did not have.  Anyway.  I kid you not, it wasn't even a month of driving that car when the radio crapped out.  The radio being my main source of entertainment while driving, travel was no longer as much fun.  After switching the radio out, getting a functioning radio for about six months, the FM tuner is out in that car again.  I spent winter break listening to news radio.  I wanted to cry.

At home I listen to The Mix.  I used to listen to Q101 and The Fresh as well until someone decided that they wanted to get rid of two thirds of my favorite radio stations in the Chicagoland area.  So that left me with The Mix and the country station that I flipped to when the commercials on The Mix bored me.

I also listen to Pandora.  Of course.  I'm pretty sure the majority of my Pandora stations probably sound eerily similar, but I'm trying to build a station made up of French music.  We'll see how that goes, but so far Lily Allen is still showing up there, and she should be on my Kate Nash station.  Hm.

In elementary school I used to listen to N*SYNC.  I also listened to them while I was packing to come back to school after winter break, but that's not really relevant.  But it was glorious.

I don't really like rap.  I don't mind country, in fact I listen to it sometimes, especially when writing Wild West poetry.  I'm not really a fan of hip hop, but meh.

Then there's wizard rock and Time Lord rock.  Yes.  I listen to multiple collections of music inspired by Harry Potter or Doctor Who.  I can only admit to knowing the lyrics to one song out of all those though.

Let's face it.  I'll listen to just about anything.  I have a soft spot for happy pop music, feel good, catchy, sing-a-long tunes are always a lot of fun.  I enjoy them.  Oh, and if I can dance shamelessly to them in my dorm room...bonus points.  I also have a respectable collection of soundtracks from musicals because I have a problem and MUST sing along with any music that I'm listening to.  Even if it's instrumental.  Which I also like.  I have a bunch of movie soundtracks, and I'm particularly pleased with myself that I have the Star Wars soundtrack as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.  SO good.  But I found that listening to the Indiana Jones soundtrack is perfect for when you're doing homework because then you can pretend you're on an adventure!  Because I'm a dork.

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
- Aldous Huxley


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