Thursday, July 1, 2010 | By: Brianna

Supreme Empress of the World

In 7th grade, I decided that I would be Supreme Empress of the World. In 8th grade, I wrote this as part of my "Supreme Empress of the World website".

A Brief History of the Supreme Empress and Her Rise to Power

When I was born, I was given the name "Supreme." My last name was "Empress." I was always a very bright child. In kindergarten, when everyone was finger-painting, I was painting with brushes an exact replica of Monet's "Water Lilies."

In second grade, we did a play on Johnny Appleseed. I was the star of the show. I was the bird. I stole the show when I flew on stage with my lovely blue feathered wings. Johnny didn't have a chance.

In fourth grade, I was in a guitar recital. I played "Happy Birthday." My guitar was the loudest and the most clear out of the whole entire class. I was the only one who didn't even make one mistake.

In sixth grade, I was in the school play called "Annie Jr." I was the most fun character in the play. I was Lily St. Regis. Do not forget that I had a great accent and I even added a line to make the play more interesting. I sang and danced my heart out and was the best villain.

In seventh grade, I found that my true calling was to be Ruler of the World. I decided who would own what, and what would happen to the world when I died. Then it happened. On my way to P.E. on the faithful Wednesday afternoon, I just took over the World. Just like that! It was magical!

Note: Keep in mind that this history is based on fact and that these events happened in some truth and this is a BRIEF history.


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