Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | By: Brianna

Two-ish weeks

It has occurred to me that my leaving for the school year is inevitable. And imminent. And all those other words that mean "looming on the horizon like a gigantic blimp that looks like it's about to fall out of the sky any second now." The more I begin to realize that I'm going back to school very soon, the more I begin to realize that I haven't packed yet, even though the majority of my things I just didn't unpack to begin with. Which is rather irritating when you're looking for your toothbrush and you remember, "Oh wait, it's somewhere buried amongst my books, towels and dry erase markers."
I think it goes without saying that that experience is horribly inconvenient.
All the same, I really want to go back to school, which in and of itself is strange. The concept of wanting to go back and study is just so weird. Then again, there is the prospect of meeting new people and making friends, and all that wonderfulness that comes with a new year.
And then my presidential duties.
I've been trying to forget that I'm the president of my school's Residence Hall Association, but the panic, fear and nerves keep creeping up into my consciousness. Another terrible inconvenience.

And I only have about two weeks.


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