Monday, June 18, 2012 | By: Brianna

Home Alone

Q:  Home Alone, eh?

A:  Not the one you're thinking.

Q:  What's that supposed to mean?

A:  I mean that you're thinking about a movie about a small child left home alone while his family goes on vacation for Christmas.  I'm not talking about that.

Q:  Well fine then.

A:  I'm talking about how when I'm home alone, I like to pretend that I'm on my own.  I know that it's my parents' house, and I know that they still live there and all that, and it's really just a temporary situation of my being home alone, but I still pretend.

Once Mom's out to work and Dad's on service calls, and my brother's in summer classes, I just revel in the silence.  Everything feels stiller when the house is empty.  It's just me and the dog.  Even the dust bunnies speak in whispers.  Not that I hear them...because that would mean that I was insane...heh.  Anyway.

In high school when I had the house to myself, I used to blast show tunes and sing through the entire Wicked or RENT or Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.  At the top of my lungs.  It was glorious because I could hear myself echoing throughout the entire house and I could dance up and down the hardwood floors without anyone judging me or telling me to be quiet.  I could be as loud as I wanted to be.  I could belt out the high notes, and if my voice one knew.  I miss that.

Nowadays I spend my alone afternoons pretending that I'm living in my very own house, but I'm quieter than I used to be.  At least, that was the case today.  I made myself a cute little sandwich lunch and I settled down to watch a movie with the surround sound on.  Not that it mattered, because Seven Year Itch didn't really have much in the way of sound that should surround a person.  But anyway, after that I did dishes and threw in the laundry, because that's what I would do if I was on my own, I would never leave the sink full of dirty dishes, mostly because that's gross.  Even though I've been lazy at school...we're not going to talk about that.  And then I read.  A little bit.

But all of this is really exciting because I'm set to house sit for my aunt soon.  For a whole week.  I think.  Maybe it's ten days.  I should probably look that up...  But I'm excited because I'll get to scare their little dog with my show tune belting, curl up on their couch and watch a movie on their big screen TV, read and write outside on the covered porch...hell, I could even hang out outside while it's raining.  And it'll be like I'm living out on my own.  Just like a mini adventure.

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."
- Maya Angelou 


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