Sunday, June 17, 2012 | By: Brianna

A Letter to My Brain

Dear Brain,

Hello.  I'm not sure we've been formally introduced, but my name is Brianna.  I'm the one who's got the cranium you're currently residing in.  At least, I'm pretty sure you're there.  Not sure how I would be typing this if you weren't...  Anyway, if you're reading this letter, it would appear that you're home, and that's nice.  Welcome.  It's good to have you here.  I appreciate it.

First off, I thought I'd start with some apologies.  I'm really sorry how hard I worked you during the past four years with little to no outside stimulation.  I really should have tried harder to read fun things in addition to all the other stuff I was reading.  I'm also sorry for depriving you of sleep every now and again.  Then again, you have to admit that there were times this past year when you went without sleep and you actually felt more rested than you would have if you had slept.  I know that was weird, and I promise I won't try that again, but you have to admit that that was pretty cool.  I'm sorry for watching Breaking Dawn: Part 1 earlier this month.  It was a rough day.  You needed a break as much as I did.  Sorry not sorry for reading those romance novels (by the way, there are two more books in that series).

Thank you for getting me through Senior Sem.  I know I worked you really hard, but in the end you really pulled through.  I was worried there for a little bit, but I know how you like to make a dramatic win at the end.  Oh, and thank you for helping me with Econ.  Going to the professor for help?  That was probably one of the greatest ideas you've had.  Like ever.  Right next to "Hey, let's go draw with chalk in the parking lot at night."  But I'm not sure how you would out-do that one.

But can I be frank?

But your name's can you be Frank too?

Oh shut up.

That's what I really want to talk to you about.  It's essential that we figure out a system for when you're allowed to interfere and when you need to shut up and take a seat in the corner with the Briannas we're not listening to.  For example, Angsty Brianna is currently in the corner.  You need to go over there because you're getting taken over by Apathetic Brianna, and that's a huge problem.  You spent the majority of today being all blah and mush, and that's not okay.  You didn't want to write, you didn't want to read, hell, I couldn't even get you to watch a movie.  It was a disaster.  We can't have that anymore.  I'm putting my foot down.
There are also other times when you need to shut up.  Specifically, I'm talking about those times when you step in and Brianna gets paralyzed.  I mean "paralyzed" with fear and indecision and not-okay-ness.  You know the time I'm talking about.  I can actually point to a specific date.  Does October 28th ring any bells?  Yeah.  Then.  You should have gotten out of your own way, swallowed your pride, and not let Brianna get paralyzed.  You great idiot.  So really.  Just.  Stop.  Thinking.  Every now and again.  That's all I ask.  Don't mess things up for me, don't make me freak out and don't make me alienate people by jumping to eight different conclusions before they've even thought about the starting line.  So stop that.  Please.  My life will be significantly easier, simpler, better...if you would do that one favor for me.  So the signal?  "Pineapple."  Ready?  Go.  Or...stop, I guess.

Right.  Now that we've gotten that settled, I hope you have a lovely summer resting yourself and reading some awesome books and taking breaks every now and then to not think.  And remember that there are some times when I really want you to think a lot (like when I'm writing, for instance).  So it's going to be tough, but I hope we can continue our friendship.


"Agitation is the atmosphere of the brains."
- Wendell Phillips


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