Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | By: Brianna

I Will (Not) Miss Living in a Residence Hall

1.  I will not miss sharing a bathroom with 20 some odd other girls.
2.  I will not miss my next door neighbor singing opera at all hours of the day and night.
3.  I will not miss the boys on the floor below me blasting their rap music and yelling at video games.

4.  I will miss the programs and the bulletin boards.
5.  I will miss having an excuse to cover my door with my name.
6.  I will miss dancing in the lobby to "Build Me Up, Buttercup."

7.  I will not miss stupid people.
8.  I will not miss washers that explode.
9.  I will not miss drunken people stumbling down the hallways.

10.  I will miss the fellowship created amongst RAs who all have to deal with the same stupid people year after year.
11.  I will miss having a close enough relationship with my boss that I can rant and cry in her office and not feel awkward.
12.  I will miss having Desk Aides to rant to and their looks of bewilderment when they have no idea what I'm talking about.

13.  I will not miss random strangers following me into the building.
14.  I will not miss stains on the couches and needing to report said stains.
15.  I will not miss the people who leave the TV on in the lounge.

16.  I will miss having a friend down the hall who I can bother on a daily basis.
17.  I will miss piling into one person's room to watch a movie.
18.  I will miss rolling on my tile floor.

19.  I will not miss sweeping up broken glass.
20.  I will not miss the oodles of flyers that I have to find somewhere to post in the lobby.
21.  I will not miss people posting their own flyers on the front desk and in the elevator even after the million times I've moved them.

22.  I will miss the conference room and weekly meetings that are a lot more fun that I could have anticipated.
23.  I will miss using my mailbox as a storage compartment.
24.  I will miss being an RA.


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