Tuesday, September 13, 2011 | By: Brianna

More Things I've Learned

Sure, I posted today at 12:30 AM, but I feel like I should make up for being negligent on this blog...and this is my life.  So more things I've learned.

  • Spree = roofies, but first years are more observant than you might want them to be when you're "having fun" roofie-ing them...
  • Acting drunk in a first year hall should be saved until second semester so you don't get handed a "What's a Drink?" pamphlet with the promise that "this is an intervention."
  • If your friends are in the novel-writing class, and you offer to read their work, they'll really let you read it.  And they'll ask for feedback.  What more could I ask for?!  I love it!
  • Writing a poem every day helps maintain sanity in business classes.
  • Too much to do.
  • Cell phone alarms will keep me on track until I forget to enter an event in my phone's calendar.
  • It's possible to crank out a script for a murder mystery in 13-ish hours.  After initial outlining and preparations, of course.
  • Don't Panic.
  • Prostitute posture.  The end.
  • "Some people find it charming."
  • Late night texting makes sleepless nights infinitely better.
  • If you can design flyers, people will ask you to.
  • First years will let complete strangers into the building and they will camp out in the conference room to do their homework.  (Really?  Go to the library, sophomores!)
  • I will always be the last one to know anything.
  • If you spend enough time in a building that you don't officially live in, the residents will adopt you and let you into the building without asking questions.  (Thanks, Kemp!)
  • If you want to print something in color, ask you friend for the password to his computer before breaking into his room.
  • None of the printers in weird places on campus will work if you're trying to make life easier for yourself.
  • My hair does weird things.
  • If you ask someone "Are you a writer?" the most common responses are "Kind of..." or "I'm not very good..."
  • A Pandora station based on "Rhapsody in Blue" is exactly what I needed.


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