Thursday, September 8, 2011 | By: Brianna

Window Eyes?

"Eyes are the windows to the soul."

I can't help but wonder about this.  First of all, there are a couple literal problems with that metaphor or saying, or whatever you call it.  Well, you can't see through eyes, whereas you can see through a window.  Because it's made of glass and clear.  Also, I wonder what you would see if you actually could see a person's soul through their eyes.  What does a soul look like, anyway?

I'm inclined to say that a soul looks like a flowy silvery type thing.  That is, if you're a good person.  If you're not, it would probably have some weight to it.  But because souls can fly, they definitely need to look not-too-solid.  In fact, it would probably make things in Harry Potter difficult if souls were inanimate objects.  Though that's interesting to think about, I'm not sure how I would feel if someone lost that object.  What if you could wear your soul on a necklace and it broke?  What then?

So eyes.  If they're the window to the soul, does that make our bodies houses?  Does the soul live with other things?  I can imagine the soul partying it up with some random white blood cells (which I really wanted to call "hemoglobin" right now, but I'm 99% certain that that would be wrong).  Or maybe the soul gets along better with "the mind."

Which brings up another interesting thought.  The mind is usually attributed to being stored in one's head, so why is it that the eyes are the windows to the soul?  [This is where I start making things up.]  This reminds me of the fact that back in the day (which is a precise moment in time, I know it) people used to believe that the soul was stored in a person's head and a person's mind was actually somewhere else.  Or maybe they believed that the soul and the mind were the same thing.  Which is something else entirely, but interesting nonetheless.

Eyes.  What's interesting about eyes is that if you look close enough, or let your eyes unfocus when you're looking at someone else's eyes, you can see the reflection of what they're seeing on the surface of their eyes.  I may be making that up too, but I know it works with sunglasses, so why not eyeballs too?  So that prompts the question (it doesn't beg the question because this website would get mad at me if I said that it did:  Yeah, I found that site on Google) that maybe what a person's soul looks like at any given moment is what they're seeing at that time.  Do the things around us reflect what's kept inside us?  I mean, I don't necessarily think that Jacques reflects my spleen, but maybe it has something (if only a little bit) to do with my soul or my mind.  I'm not really sure.

Plus, there are all these different literal and figurative and metaphorical meanings or definitions of the word "see," because what is it that we're actually seeing when we're looking at someone's eyes.  We're seeing color and an iris and some whites of the eyes.  But what we see is colored by our interpretation, so if we believe that we're looking into the other person's soul, then that's what we see.  But then does that mean that we define the souls of other people?  You know, when you see someone with really cold eyes and you say, "That person looks evil," does that mean that their soul is evil?  Or is it really just your subjective interpretation of what their eyes look like?  Besides, it doesn't seem right to judge someone based on their eye color, it's like judging someone based on their hair color.  Or the length of their toes.  And all of those are completely invalid except for the toe one because people with short toes are weird.

"Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.  In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."
- Oscar Wilde


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