Friday, September 30, 2011 | By: Brianna

Eyes on the 30th

Today is September 30th, which means a number of slightly significant things:
1. It's the end of my first full month of my senior year.  Which is not okay for several reasons, but we're not going to talk about that.
2. It's the end of the month, which means I have to make a new bulletin board for October.  Luckily, I was struck by inspiration and I made a bulletin board about Banned Books Week (which ends tomorrow, but whatever).  It's a pretty awesome board, if I do say so myself.
3. Today is the last day of Poem-a-Day September.

So this September I successfully wrote one poem each day.  Surprising, because my commitment to projects is shakey (as demonstrated by my commitment to writing a daily blog post...), but as of tomorrow I will be in the possession of 30 new original poems by me.  Rough drafts, of course, but that's a pretty decent number.

It has been suggested to me by a couple people that I continue my poem-a-day project for an entire year.  This suggestion intrigues me because the idea of having a whole 366 (because 2012 is a leap year) poems by next September is a really interesting concept.  Just the thought of having 366 of anything is strange to me.  366 rough drafts of 366 different poems.  I don't even know if I know enough words to fill up that many pages.  Plus if I continue my habit of writing my poems during my business classes, my grades may not like me very much.  This idea is also daunting just because I'm not sure I have enough ideas for all that considering when I look back at a couple days in September, I used itunes to write poems for me.  It got that bad one day.  Bright side, I struggled through it and wrote something anyway.  I'm wondering if I take the challenge...would my poetry get any better?  Because I wonder if I just keep writing daily, won't I just be stuck in the same mindset over and over again and write the same quality poetry?  As if I'll be stuck in the same spot writing-wise.  Because how can I really get better if I don't let myself revise?  Then again, if I let myself revise right away, that probably wouldn't make Writer Brianna feel much better.  Anyway.  It's something to think about.

---------------------------------------------Creativity Time-------------------------------------------------

Choose one of your physical features and write about how you can change or disguise that feature. (Thanks,

I have green eyes.  I don't care what anyone tells me, they're green.  If you choose to argue with me, I will just stomp my foot and insist that they're green.  Anyone who says that my eyes are blue will receive the silent treatment for a good day or so.  I don't really time it, but they would deserve it.

I can easily disguise my green eyes with contacts.  No one would suspect it either because they all expect me to have blue eyes anyway.  So I can wear blue contacts.  Or maybe brown, that would throw everyone off.  Then there's also the fairly simple disguise of mirrored sunglasses.  Or my everyday glasses, because how many people really look past someone's first set of eyes anyway?  And changing my eyes?  Well, they can dye eyes in the Emerald City, so why not in real life?  I feel like this should be something that goes along with laser eye surgery.

It's all about misdirection.  If I wear something particularly outrageous, no one's going to notice the color of my eyes.  I'm thinking feathers and sequins should do the trick.  There's also the "Hey look!  What's that over there?!" misdirection trick.  I have a feeling that everyone around me will fall for that one.  I know I would...

"The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake."
- Leonardo da Vinci


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