Wednesday, March 6, 2013 | By: Brianna

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Today I finally finished writing thank you notes for Christmas presents.  Mostly because I'm a bum and lazy and tend to forget that these things have to be done, but also because writing thank you notes occasionally fills me with fury.  I'm fairly certain that the people who get these little notes from me say, "Oh, you're welcome" and then shruggingly (shut up, Chrome, it's a word...) throw the card in the trash, disposing of all my fine work.  Although to be fair, I never really say anything more interesting than "Thank you" and "thanks again!" at the very end.  Maybe I could do a little bit of spicing up when it comes to writing these cards.

In looking up "thanks" in the Oxford English Dictionary, I learned that the majority of the definitions were very dull and meant exactly what I knew they would mean.  So that was disappointing.

I also found a number of ironical uses for the word, as well as "thank goodness!" and the like.  Oh, and the ever popular "Thanks for nothing!"

[this is where I say something about church that I censor because I don't need any deities angry at me right now.]

"The value we place on what we've been given correlates to our depth of gratitude for it."
- Todd Stocker


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