Monday, May 30, 2011 | By: Brianna

Monday Wish

I wish I had an Invisibility Cloak.

[around 3:00 is when it really gets into Invisibility Cloak things]

Not so I could kick weiner dogs or watch everyone cry at my funeral or read over people's shoulders...but really so I could avoid people.  At large events, family parties, school, anywhere.  I can imagine it now...

Mom:  Brianna!  We're going to this really big event that we want you to come to!

(Brianna scurries around her room looking for something.  As she does, she throws papers into the air off of her desk, and clothes out of her closet.  It seems she's been looking for a while considering the pile of things that are out on the floor.)

Brianna:  Coming!  I'll meet you there!

(Downstairs, a door opening and shutting can be heard while Brianna continues her search.)

Brianna:  AHA!  

(Brianna pulls out a cloak made of shiny, unclassifiable fabric and throws it over her head.  The scene melts into Brianna's invisible self going to this large-scale event and standing behind her mother and father who are speaking to a small and skinny pock-marked somebody (Somebody 1).)

Somebody 1:  I really wish Brianna was here, I haven't seen her in years and we really need to catch up.  I mean, I need to remind her of everything we've been through.

Mom:  That's weird, she said she would meet us here.  (looks around, but not holding any hope that she'll find Brianna just by glancing around.  Brianna stifles a laugh underneath the Invisibility Cloak.)

Somebody 1:  Well, if Brianna's not here, I better take off.  I have a miserable life to live and I don't want to bore you.

Mom:  Oh no, that's fine, it was good talking to you, I'll let Brianna know you were looking for her.

(Somebody 1 walks away, mildly dejected, but content to live on with their life Brianna-less.)

Brianna: Tell me what? (approaching as if from a distance)

Mom:  Oh, never mind.


Invisibility Cloaks would also be useful so that people don't sneak up on me.  I'm a really jumpy person, and as such, people tend to sneak up on me.  Not purposely, at least not all the time...but there are times when malicious people decide that it would be a really great idea to sneak up on me and scare me out of my mind.  It doesn't take much effort on their part, and then all of a sudden I'm jumping out of my skin and my heart is beating a swift paced drum solo.  Which is not fun, let me tell you that.  I recover, of course, I just have to put my breathing exercises to use.


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