Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | By: Brianna

Monday Wishes

I wish that it was socially acceptable to carry around a kazoo and accompany yourself with kazoo theme music. It would be especially useful when walking down the sidewalk so you could kazoo at the large group of men who take up the entire sidewalk, alerting them to your presence, and politely requesting them to move out of your way.  It would be really nice in the middle of class because you could provide your professor with sound effects when he announces a test.

But really.
Today I wished: "You know, I kinda want to bunk my beds for the last three days that I'll be here."  I made the fortunate mistake of saying this in front of three of my friends while they were hanging out in my room.  Their immediate response was: "Let's do it!  Right now!"  So all of a sudden I was digging through the drawers of my desk for the bunk pins.  With four of us, it was ridiculously easy to bunk my beds.  In fact, it might have taken a grand total of 45 seconds to bunk my beds.  And now I have a bed...with a ladder!  I'll be sleeping on this bed for four nights, but hey!

Melbourne wished that I would blog about my bunk bed.  And our friend (and my resident) made the excellent point that I wished for bunk beds and that wish came true!  So here I am, blogging about my bunk bed.  There's a ton more floor space, "so much room for activities!"  Also giving me a good amount of room for me to throw all of my things around while I'm packing.  Which is going to be ridiculously useful.  Sure, the basket where I keep my glasses is now far away from the head of my bed, but that's alright because it's only four days.

I slept in a bunk bed during my freshman year, but I slept in the bottom bunk, so I feel like that doesn't really count.  Last year I also slept in a bunk bed during first semester, but on the bottom bunk again.  That semester it was a little different because it was actually three beds bunked on top of each other.  I was in the submarine berth, the shortest bunk out of all three.  Obviously the top bunk had the high ceiling above her, and the middle bunk was pretty spacious, you could definitely sit up in it...mine?  For mine, I had to dive into my bed headfirst and shimmy under my covers.  It was so dark in that bed, it was impossible to read in bed.  Especially because I didn't have one of those fancy clippy lights.

But today I have a bunk bed.
A wish come true!

"No, bunk beds are cool!  A bed!  With a ladder!  You can't beat that."
- The Doctor


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