Wednesday, February 22, 2012 | By: Brianna

A Letter to Business Stats and Economics

Dear Business Stats and Economics,

You probably know me.  I'm the blonde girl sitting at the computer...front row, avoiding eye contact with her open e-mail as you write yourself all over the white board in black, sometimes green, marker.  You've definitely made eye contact with me, so you have to at least have registered that I'm around.  You with your unwavering scowl at the students who don't understand you.

Students like me.

When my professor's going over examples on the board and you're doing your happy little stats dance, I know what's going on.  The symbols on the board make sense to some extent.  Everything seems methodical.  When I'm reading the book, things make sense there too.  The bell charts look right, the examples stand out from the rest of the text, and I flatter myself that I might end up doing well in this class.

Then I attempt to do my homework.  And that's when I forget.  What's a t-distribution?  I'm not really sure what mu is for, but it's a good-looking symbol, I'd like to take it to the x bar before we catch some z's with the t-crit.  I'd like to see the curve on that bell and show it my degrees of freedom because the probability that I'll understand this problem is zero.  Might as well figure out something else to do.

It might be hopeless.  Which is okay, because my job prospects don't really involve numbers or statistics or the relationship between numbers and letters and statistics because thankfully I don't plan on being a math teacher.  I pray this never happens accidentally.  Business Stats and Economics, it'd be really great if I could Google you and you would tell me how you'd like to be done.  Would it help if I sprawled out across my tile in prime writhe position?  Or maybe cuddle up with my book on my bed?  Or maybe you'd just prefer the simple location of desk.  Because that's where my other homework gets done.  In theory.

Business Stats and Economics, I propose a truce.  I'll give you some lovin' if you'll be a little easier.


"A study of economics usually reveals that the best time to buy anything is last year."
- Marty Allen


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