Sunday, March 25, 2012 | By: Brianna

A Major Challenge

So at my school there's a conflict between Business majors and English majors.  I'm not sure the Business majors know the disdain we harbor for them, but we do.  Because we don't understand why they're studying what they're studying.  I know enough English majors who dislike Business majors enough that even if you're a double get teased.  I'm just a minor...this should be better, but it's not.  I wrote this poem and submitted it to my campus' literary magazine, and it got in!  :^)


A Major Challenge (rough draft)
(September 29, 2011 from the Poem-a-Day Project)
Says the Business major
to the writer:
“What are you going
to do?”

I’m going to work,
make money,
I’ll work in some business
that makes things
I don’t understand.
I’ll sit at a short desk
and push papers
till my paper pusher
pushes back.
I’ll work in television,
write snappy quips
in the first draft
and revise them out
before filming
but encourage the actors
to improvise.
Or maybe Hallmark,
writing the insides of cards
for Arbor Day
because paper cards
make sense for a tree day.
I’ll travel around the world
taking pictures
of people’s elbows,
and when I’m done,
I’ll journey to the moon.

Don’t believe me?
I’m serious.

I’ll paint my face
and study mime,
trapping myself
in a glass box
with a trapdoor
I can’t see.
Or collect pencil
shavings and sell them
on EBay.
I’ll make more money
than the Jesus toast.

Says the writer
to the Business major:
“What kind of business
are you in anyway?”

Posted for Poetry Pantry #94 from Poets United.


M.C. said...

Very witty.

Mary Mansfield said...

Clever! Sometimes it's hard for those logical Business major types to figure out how to deal with the more artistic English majors, and no amount of explaining ever seems to help! :)

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