Friday, July 1, 2011 | By: Brianna

Dream a Little Dream

To make up for not posting on Wednesday, I'm going to post an extra post today!  (How many times can I use "post" in the course of one sentence?)  I had a really weird dream last night, so I figured I could share that:

Last night I found myself in the 1800s version of my neighborhood.  I remember thinking that it was a little strange, but I still felt at home.  I assumed I was a time traveler of some sort.  So I was following around and hanging out with this guy and the woman he was courting, as well as one of my actors from The Grimm Players.  We all went to this guy's house, but it was under construction.  Everything was new plywood and naked beams and there weren't any walls, but there was this rough floor.  I sat on one of the stairs along with my actor, and the guy (we'll call him George) was taking off his socks and rolling up the legs of his pants so he could wash his feet in the stand alone sink that seemed to be in the middle of everything.

"Ooooh, ankles!" I said, laughing as I did.  I turned to George's love interest and asked, "What is it that makes ankles so alluring?"  As if she knew the context for my question.  I always wonder this because I've read things about long tablecloths being needed because the table legs would excite the men, and the idea of ankles being seductive.  I only wonder because they're bony and kind of knobbly and weird.  Ankles are weird.  Anyway.

I was walking around the dark streets with George, this woman and my actor, and we passed this large group of college girls that I knew were from my time.  I knew them.  If I was a time traveler, I'm not sure how I would explain their presence in the 1800s...but they were all in Halloween costumes, and one girl who was dressed up as Superman was beating on another girl that I knew.  The first time I saw this, I just walked away with my group, but the second time, I literally stepped between the two girls and told the Superman girl to back off and that the beating was really unnecessary.  I remember thinking that I was putting my RA skills to good use in real life.  I stood there protecting the other girl for a while before all these people started coming to stand behind me to separate the two.  George did, as well as a number of people from the group with Superman girl.

And as all dreams end...I woke up.


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