Monday, July 18, 2011 | By: Brianna

Hitchkratz's Guide to the Galaxy: Walking

The entry on "walking" in The Hitchkratz's Guide to the Galaxy is highly illustrated, picturing humans young and old strolling through a variety of locales including (but not limited to) parks, gardens, cities, country roads, and the moon, but only for casual strolls.  Then there are also the people walking about in sweatbands and athletic shorts, drenched in their own sweat.  These humans presumably walked a great distance in high temperatures, or have had a bucket of sweat poured over them for the purposes of taking the photograph.

An expert in the study of walking observes:

Walking is exercise for the people who don't exercise.

Eloquently put, this observation is held among elite circles of people who venture out into the world for the express purpose of creating perspiration.  But there are other folks who walk for both fun and recreation.

Walking is a simple matter of falling and catching yourself continually until you get to the place where you're going.   There are some humans who find this practice difficult and manage to forget to catch themselves, thereby falling on flat ground and injuring themselves (though not permanently.  Experts have concluded that such consistent falling takes a toll on a person's "pride" more than anything else and once that store of pride has been depleted, it is quite difficult to win it back.).

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