Friday, July 22, 2011 | By: Brianna

Lessons Learned

In the course of the last week or two, I've learned quite a bit.  So it seems as good a time as any to create a list.

  • Paper will probably burn a lot better than you want it to when you only want to burn the edges.  And it'll leave a really nice "burnt" smell in the air for a long time.
  • Mass brewings of Earl Grey tea covers up the smell of burnt paper quite nicely.
  • Guy Fawkes was one of a number of conspirators, and is burned in effigy on Guy Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night).
  • The library will not have what you're looking for.
  • It will rain torrents on the day you planned on walking to the library.
  • Pizza is better when you have to wait for it to be cooked fresh.
  • Chocolate milk is the best thing to drink after a work out.  (Apparently...)
  • Michael's does not sell gray foam.  But Hobby Lobby does.
  • That Borders gift card that says it had $15 on it?  It lied.
  • Every book that you want will cost $15 or more, even the eighteenth edition of a short classic.
  • Your brother and his girlfriend will insist that the window paint you put on the car will never come off.  Even though you know full well that warm water and soap'll fix it.  You know because you cleaned multiple windows at school that way.
  • Having your own "workshop" for crafting is REALLY convenient.
  • Tom Felton is in the Chicagoland area.
  • Stories about drunken unicorns won't write themselves.
  • Neither does your blog.
  • "You have a little something just there...oh.  Wait.  Nevermind.  That's a hickey."
  • Teenagers are endlessly obnoxious.  But is it really their fault?  (I can't believe I'm just learning this now...)
  • "And now...we dance!" - Life in Ruins


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