Monday, July 4, 2011 | By: Brianna

Nose to the Grindstone

So I have definitely been failing with the "post on your blog every day" resolution for the summer.  Which isn't really that surprising considering the allure the summer season holds for all of us.  Well, for me.  Mostly the allure of being able to spend as much quality time with Jacques (my laptop) as I want without feeling too guilty.  And also watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6.  And spending WAY too much time on StumbleUpon looking up craft ideas (I've gotten to the point where I'm starting to see some of the same crafts over and over again) that I may never get around to doing because that would cut into my StumbleUpon time.

(This is "oh woe is me" time.  Just in case you weren't aware.)

Granted, I have been doing some productive things.  I made a hedgehog hoodie for my fairy tale show (although I still have to add the finishing touches and perhaps a set of ears) out of a cut up brown hoodie and painted straws.  I also made one of the Marauders Maps that I'm making for my staff at school.  Sure, it took a long time and I have to make six more...but they're going to look SO GOOD!  And I have the time.  Provided I sacrifice quality StumbleUpon time.

And I have read.  A little bit.  Not as much as I would like, but a little bit.  I'm still reading Jane Eyre, which I probably could have finished a while ago, but I also recently started Neil Gaiman's American Gods which is REALLY good.  I'm enjoying it so far.  Although it's leading me to the conclusion that I should study the mythologies of places other than ancient Greece because Zeus and Athena aren't really appearing in this novel right now.  But I love the way Gaiman does everything.  Which is really specific, I know, but it's just so good.

And I now have an assignment.  I'm supposed to write a story about a drunken unicorn because one of my friends said that I would do well with that prompt.  I've never written about a drunken anyone, so we'll see how "drunken unicorn" goes.  I'm supposed to share this story with two of my friends, so no pressure there.

So that inevitably leads to my solution to everything.  Write a "to do" list.  If only so I can get myself to do something.


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