Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | By: Brianna

NaPoWriMo Last Day

Why yes, it does seem that I'm cutting it a little close.  Although to be fair, two hours shouldn't really be considered "close" because I've cut things WAY closer than this.  Like my hair.  Bah dum chhh.

Anyway, it's been a great month, but it looks like I'm going to go back to hiding my poems in an envelope and keeping them to myself.  Probably won't be posting my dailies here.  At least not daily like this.  I realize that sounds silly, but you know what I'm saying, so hush.  Thank you, readers, for your devotion to reading my work.  I can only hope that my future antics keep you entertained.

I have no ideas for a Poem-A-Day May challenge, so we're going to hope that that goes alright without one. For now...

This last poem here is random.  And when I say it's random, I'm trying not to apologize, but here it is.

April 30, 2013

Well that was unexpected,
that turn of events
right after your venting
right before my weirding.
Because "weird" is a verb
if I say so.
I guess that maybe
the fog in this crystal ball
could have formed these shapes,
but I was too busy
shuffling tarot cards
to notice the cloud cover
which the weather man missed
by a mile
just like my failed archery
because I'm no Cupid,
but color me stunned
which is some shade of scarlet
especially when this letter
makes no sense.


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