Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | By: Brianna

We interrupt the poetry for...a life update!

I promise I wrote a poem today, but I wrote it by hand, and it's a little bad, and a little angsty, and I didn't want to subject anyone to that, so I'm doing a life update for now.  Hooray for life!

Poem-A-Day April is coming along.  Considering it's only the third day, I haven't fallen behind yet.  I'm thinking my first zodiac poem is going to be Virgo, but I think that's just because it was the first sign that came to mind after Cancer (because that's my sign, you horrible depressing people...).

I have two internships.  Both of them are unpaid.  Both of them are with awesome people who I'm excited to learn from.  Internship #2 might have a job opening soon, depending on if the woman I'm working for gives me the nod.  So...maybe I'll have a job.

My parents are going out of town, which means that I get to have the house all to myself and have the crazy party that I've always dreamed of which centers around myself surrounded by candles reading a book.  It's going to be insane.  I might even drink tea.  OH MAN.  In related news, I may starve to death or eat a lot of pizza while they're gone because I maintain that I can't cook, and even if I do, it will never be delicious on purpose.  Though this might be a perfect opportunity to try out some of those recipes I pinned on Pinterest an eternity ago.

It's been a while since I've seen friends, but I'm not getting the weird stir-crazy that I was before.  And I'm realizing that I've been a horrible friend and haven't texted people about hanging out I guess I should probably do that.  That's a lie, I saw a friend on Sunday, I'm just starving for attention, it seems.

There is a container of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.  It may disappear very soon.

Dad came home with the revelation that you can do a Masters program that can actually be funded so you're not paying money to study for an advanced degree.  I swear this is information I have graced upon him before, he probably wasn't listening over the sounds of "TUITION" screaming in his ears once I mentioned "school."  This revelation, however, doesn't really have an impact upon me because deadlines for Fall 2013 are passed, presumably, and I'm still not even a little sure of what I would study.

And just thinking about it makes my eyes fill up with tears, though I'm not sure why.

Repeat:  I have no idea what I would study.  So all you people who are asking me, "Why aren't you in grad school?" need to back off before I explode into saline because the answer is, "Because I don't know if I want to be there."

I do, however, feel rotten.  For unknown reasons.  I just feel very very small, and I'm not sure why (sensing a theme?).  I can't even really explain it, because it came on so quickly.  So that's great fun.

This is how I feel, in a nutshell:


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