Thursday, April 4, 2013 | By: Brianna

Paper Dreams

I was innocently driving my car (I feel like my every story should start out like this...), when I heard this song.

So paper dreams became a thing in today's poem.

April 4, 2013

If she writes down her wishes
in pencil, she can always erase
when she changes her mind
When she sketches out
the architecture of her aspirations,
she always uses graph paper
and ignores the lines.
When she writes her plans,
she uses paper
and these paper dreams
get caught up with grocery receipts
and junk mail,
mingle with losing scratch cards.
They all end up in the same place,
forgotten and falling apart.
But some of her paper dreams
transform into fuel
because all it takes is a

"It's not about your make-up 
or how you try to shape up 
to these tiresome paper dreams
paper dreams, honey."
- The Kooks, "She Moves in Her Own Way"


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