Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | By: Brianna

Birthdays and Dreams

Q:  I have no questions for you today.

A:  What?  Really?

Q:  Well.  Go ahead and write something.

A:  Fine.  Well.  Last night, I had a really strange dream.  I was walking up and down the hallway of my building at school, the floor that I was in charge of during last school year.  But something was wrong because there were papers strewn about everywhere.  I remember thinking that I needed to check the floor lounge while I was on my round, but there isn't a floor lounge in that building.  Somehow in my dream I knew that there was and I didn't question it.  When I opened the door to the floor lounge, I was smacked in the face by this absolutely horrible smell.  It smelled just like vomit, and I looked around to find a bunch of papers all over, and trash...and when I looked down I found a puddle of vomit that I had just avoided stepping in.  It was just over the threshold.  And then I woke up.  Thank goodness.

Today is my birthday!  I've decided that that's going to be my answer to every question today.
1:  What did you do today, Brianna?
2:  It's my birthday!
1:  So what did you eat for dinner?
2:  It's my birthday!
1:  What do you think about world hunger?
2:  it's my birthday!
I woke up to the traditional door decorations that my mother put up at I have no idea what hour of the night.  There's a poster that says it's Brianna's 21st and "She's a shotglass of sunshine!"  Mom and I made up that saying I'm not even sure when or about what.  We may have been thinking of random band names, and that was the best we came up with.  We liked it so much that we never forgot it.  

My mommy got me this ring:
Thank you, as usual, Google!
It was in a box with a balloon attached to it and when I saw it I smiled.  I still can't stop smiling!

My dad took me to Charles Schwab to do something with money and stocks and retirement.  I didn't really understand it, but the lady at the counter just kept saying "God forbid something happens to you..." or variations of the same phrase.  I've never heard "God forbid" so many times in one twenty minute period.  It was awful.  Then we went to the DMV to see if we could get me a new license, but because of the power outages in the area, they were closed.  Luckily, Dad took me out to lunch where this attractive young man with tattoos and piercings put together a gigantic corned beef sandwich for me as well as one for Dad.  We decided that we probably should have ordered just one sandwich to share, but we hadn't thought of it.  Ah well.

And then I picked up sticks.  Because it's my birthday!

We're having French toast because it's my favorite, and I'm helping to make it because I know how it's supposed to be done.

And I have come to the realization that though I have gotten quite a few birthday wishes via Facebook and other means of communication, my own brother who lives in the same house with me has not wished me a happy birthday.  The real realization is how much I care about it and how much it hurts my feelings.  Who knew that two words repeated practically to meaninglessness could be so important depending on who they come from?  Go figure.


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