Saturday, June 11, 2011 | By: Brianna

Ice Cream!

Q:  What's your favorite ice cream?

A:  Today I went grocery shopping with my mother.  To say that that was highlight of my day might sound mildly depressing, and maybe a little pathetic, but it was.  The highlight of my day, that is.  I woke up this morning, early, specially to go grocery shopping with my mother.  We went to our local Jewel.  And then we went to a fresh fruit mart that has no name that I know of.  Okay, well, I just don't pay attention, so it probably has some generic "Fresh Fruit Market" name.

At Jewel, we bought ice cream.

Now, when it comes to buying ice cream, we have to take a couple things into consideration:
- who will eat it?
There are certain flavors of ice cream that only myself and my mother will eat.  My brother isn't too big on chocolate chocolate EXPLOSION, and my dad...well, my dad'll eat anything, so I take that back.
- which brand is on sale?
- is it reduced fat?
We're a family that doesn't shy away from full fat ice cream.  Bring on the calories and all the disgusting deliciousness that make up man-killing fats.

I've gone through a couple different favorite flavors in my day.  When I was little, hands down, strawberry was my absolute favorite.  I still enjoy a good strawberry ice cream, but it's not my "go to" flavor.  Whenever I go out and buy ice cream on the cone, I get chocolate.  When it comes to soft serve, it's always "twist."  Melbourne says it's because I'm indecisive, but that's just silly.  "Twist" is a choice to not choose at all.  Anyway....

After strawberry ice cream, I moved towards mint chocolate chip.  Which I still love.  I don't really have a preference between the green kind or the white kind of mint chocolate chip, just as long as it's ice cream and it's delicious.  Oh, and it should probably be cold too.

There was a while when Dean's ice cream sold "cupcake" ice cream.  It was this vanilla "cupcake" flavored ice cream with chocolate fudge frosting swirl and yellow cupcake bits.  It was absolutely divine, and I loved it.  Suffice it to say that just like all good things that I discover, Dean's found out that I found a new favorite ice cream, and they promptly discontinued the flavor.  Because they're big bullies like that.  Chances are that the second I bought that first container of Dean's ice cream, a psychic message was relayed to the people at Dean's so they could keep tabs on how often I bought whatever amount of the dessert.  And once six months or a year was up, they would cut me off.  Like an addict.  Cruel fiends....

Now I'm stuck with my last favorite flavor (which my fingers just typed out as "flavour"...silly British fingertips...).  Still delicious, but it's no cupcake.

Unless you're this cupcake.
Thank you, Google!
"My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate--that's my philosophy."
- Thornton Wilder


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