Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | By: Brianna

Analytical or Chaotic?

Q:  Would you consider yourself analytical?  Why or why not?  (Thank you, Melbourne!)

A:  Brianna sat down at her dining room table which was covered by the birthday tablecloth (still, even though the birthday party had already passed) and opened up her computer, waiting for the familiar welcome screen to greet her and demand her password.  Entering her secret word(s), Brianna navigated to Google Chrome and her blog approximately forty minutes before the day would end and her chance to write a Tuesday post would be gone.  While staring at the blank box that beckoned her fingers to begin typing, Brianna opened a sixth tab for Pandora.  Lovely.

Google Chrome's fifth tab held the definition for "analytical" (which Google Chrome insists isn't a word.  Silly Chrome...).  Brianna realized too late that the definition was actually for "analytic," but it was close enough, so she shrugged and copied it into her blog post:


pertaining to or proceeding by analysis ( opposed tosynthetic).
skilled in or habitually using analysis.

It was true that Brianna's brain refused to work that evening, leading to the necessity of formally searching for the definition of the word, but anyone who knew Brianna would understand that she wasn't accustomed to working so late during the summer months.  Brianna's green eyed stare shifted towards the definition, her jaw slackening and hanging open as her eyes drooped and blinked lazily.  Analytical?  The initial response was easy: no.  At least, that was the answer she was inclined towards.

But then again Brianna had a habit of being very logical about the most illogical of situations.  Or the situations that resisted logic.  Though Brianna was inclined to say that she was not analytical in the least, a negative answer would lead towards agreeing that she was exemplary of the antonyms of analytical: chaotic, illogical and disorganized.  Words which weren't all that accurate either.  Brianna's indecisiveness reared its greasy gray head and grinned a ghoulishly teethy smile, sticking its tongue out at Brianna's work ethic.  Brianna's work ethic decided to take the high road and ignore the indecisiveness.  So yes.  And no.  If analytical was on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the most nonsensical illogical person you could think of, and 10 being the most logical and methodical person imaginable...Brianna decided that she would probably be a 5.5.  Or something like that.

And there you have it, Melbourne, Brianna's indecisiveness hopes you have enjoyed this blog post and that you find it satisfactory.


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