Friday, June 17, 2011 | By: Brianna

Poetry Friday -- The Supreme Moment

Today I read a poem by Charles Simic called "The Supreme Moment."  It creates a superb image of an ant about to be stepped upon by a shiny boot.  And because my brain is pretty much moosh right now due to a really activity-filled day, my analysis of this poem will probably be less than stellar.  Or probably be less substantial than usual.  Right.  Heh.

The poem is titled "The Supreme Moment," but depending on the perspective of the reader, an ant being squished by a boot isn't really too supreme of a moment.  I believe that Simic means for the reader to interpret the title as a supreme moment for the ant.  Because really...isn't imminent death supreme?  Anyway, the first word of the poem is "as," and if you read the first stanza the way I did, you might see that that first stanza could act kind of like this: "the supreme moment as an ant is about be be stepped on and it's doing all this [COMMA]...the boot is doing this."  Does this function to emphasize the boot as more significant than the ant?  I'm not really sure.  Perhaps the ant's reflection in the boot is a way of showing that the ant could also be afraid of it's own distorted image?

And now Brianna's laptop (Jacques') battery is running on empty, so have to wrap this up really quick...

1.  Write about something seemingly insignificant to the larger public, but HUGELY significant to the ants in the situation.
2.  Give personality to an inanimate object.  Perhaps wielded against its will?
3.  What do the small trivial things that we kill without thinking think while we're doing that?  Flies...mice...weeds...write a response to human kind's violence.


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