Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | By: Brianna


Q:  What is on the walls in the room you're in?

A:  Directly in front of me, there's a window in the wall.  There's also a clock that's ticking incessantly (almost as if it were ticking every second...), photographs from Arizona, pictures of me or my brother with my dad, and there are two cases (the ones with the mirrors behind the shelves) full of Matchbox cars.  I'm in the office in my house because the Internet on my laptop (Jacques) has decided to act up and walk out.  The one picture of me and my dad on the wall in front of me illustrates how ridiculously alike we look.  From my nose to my chin, I'm almost completely my father.  Something about the way we smile.  I'm not sure if that's the case now, but it was definitely the case then while I was holding up all the Girl Scout badges I had earned before that awards night.  That was also the night when I received my Silver Award for helping on a project that collected blankets for Project Linus.  Good times.

Rotating clockwise, there's a desk and a number of cabinets on the wall to my right.  I've only actually seen my dad use that desk once.  Maybe.  He has his work phone on it, and that's where we keep the printer.  But otherwise, the desk seems like a glorified storage space for papers from goodness only knows where.  Granted, I do the same thing with my desk at home...so I really have no right to judge.

Behind me, there are pictures related to this article that was written about a local fire department event in which baby Brianna and baby brother were quoted or pictured, I'm not sure which.  We also have a sheet of dollar bills from the U.S. Mint, I believe, a sheet of Elvis stamps (you can tell they're old because they were only 29 cents), and the State Quarter collection, all framed on the wall.  There's also the door to the office that leads out into the little hallway that leads to the kitchen, and then there's the closet.  The closet houses a plethora of shoes/boots from my dad, his shoe shining kit that he hasn't used since I was little, a TON of jackets from pretty much all of us in the family, and a couple umbrellas.  I think we might have an American flag in there too, but I'd have to investigate more closely to see.

One final rotation brings me to the last wall in the room.  There's a filing cabinet with all sorts of important documents in it, a shelf/drawer thingy that used to be in my room but has been relocated.  We've got school supplies and cold weather gear stowed in the drawers.  Finally, we have a set of shelves that house our family photo albums and a large collection of VHS tapes.

And that's where I'm sitting right now.  Thank you, random question website!
If there's anyone out there reading this right now who might have a question for me to answer to help me write every day, feel free to ask away!  (I reserve the right to refuse to provide an answer though... :^P  Must take precautions!)


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