Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | By: Brianna

Have a Little Class

Q:  So you just started classes again, what classes are you taking?

A:  I'm taking...

My English Senior Seminar.  It's called "Images of Self," and I'm not really sure what that means in relation to the books we're going to be reading, but it should be exciting.  I'm going to end up writing a 20 page paper for this class so I can earn my English degree.  I still resent that the novel writing class doesn't count as a "writing senior sem."  But that's another thing all together.  We're reading...The Complete Talking Heads, The Death of Artemio Cruz, Waterland, and Lady Oracle.  And I'm doing a presentation on our first book, The Complete Talking Heads, so that means Brianna is going to be doing a LOT of reading very soon.

And then I'm taking 3 business classes:
Accounting 2
Financial Management.

It's funny, in every class the professor has asked what everyone's concentrating on within business and so everyone raises their hands at different points in the conversation except me.  Which is totally fine with me, I'm perfectly content with my happy little English degree that I'm working on.  They can have their business majors for all I care.

Besides, it's really fun to see the reactions I get when I explain I'm not a business major.

(The professor has just finished up explaining that for one "quiz," the class will be required to go to a meeting of a club in their concentration.  Like Accounting Club or the AMA.  BRIANNA raises her hand.)

BRIANNA: What if we're not a business major?

(The professor kind of starts, as if the idea of a major outside business is a completely new concept for him.  He blinks, gathers his wits and opens his mouth to answer.)

PROFESSOR: What is your major?

BRIANNA: English.

(The professor seems stunned for about a second, but recovers.)

PROFESSOR: Well then you would go to a club in your major...I don't know, Shakespeare Club?

Yes.  Shakespeare Club.  If there was one, I would be all over that.  Unfortunately there isn't, but I understand what he was going for.  So it's the thought that counts.

And you know how English majors constantly get the question of "so what are you going to do with that?"  I would like to go up to a business major and as "Business major, huh?  So what are you going to do with that?"  If they answer with "go into business," I'm going to smack them and ask them a series of questions about what type of business, what they can see themselves doing in five years, and whether they'll enjoy working in a cubicle.

Because let's face it, some business majors just need a shot of reality.
Just like the shot of reality everyone in the world wants to give to English majors.

"It's business, not personal."


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