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Poetry Friday -- Magic

Wow, there are really no words to describe how awesome I am at keeping up with my weekly blog post obligations.  And when it comes to the dailies...just wow.


This week StumbleUpon pointed me in the direction of Gabriel Gadfly.  As I explained in my video, it's a spoken word poem, so it's meant to be heard.  I couldn't find (though I admittedly didn't look very hard) an audio or video of the poet reading his own poem, so I took the liberty of reading it aloud, and that's the video you're looking at now.  Don't you just love that freeze frame?

First of all, I love this poem's message/theme/whatever you want to call it.  I may be 21, but I still believe in magic, and this poem speaks to those who believe in magic while also imploring those "non-believers" to believe for a second.  Because there's magic even in the tiny things we take for granted.  There's magic in life. I love that the poem simply tells the reader that the magic is there "if you want it."

There's some really great repetition going on here with the "pretty girl" and the "old man" and the "coffee girl." It's nice because it isn't the brand of repetition that gets bogged down by itself.  In fact, it seems to be lifted off the page because there's just that little bit of variation between the "repeats."  Overall, it's just a really beautiful poem and one of these days I'm going to find the poet reading/performing it!

1.  Where do things come from and how do they benefit us?  Simple enough, but look at the beer and the coffee in "Magic," are there other things that have the same effect or perhaps the opposite effect?
2.  Take the first line of "Magic" and go crazy from there.
3.  What little things can you find magic in?  Or poetry?  Is there poetry in the way a person walks down the hallway?  What about poetry in a fly landing on the page of your book?

"Imagine for a second that the world you live in is magic.
Not your hocus-pocus, wave-your-wand magic..."
- Gabriel Gadfly "Magic"


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