Sunday, August 7, 2011 | By: Brianna

Things I've Learned

So the prompt for Sunday Scribblings today is "pleasure," and I was very, VERY close to stretching it by just saying "I take great pleasure in learning things" and then linking it to this post.  I feel like that would be I'm not going to do that.  So this is what I've learned this week.  Or at least what I've learned in the past four days.

  • Your building may be in the shape of an "A," you may know this, but you will still get lost.
  • Your father will know which way your room is better than you do.  During move-in.
  • The fire in the fireplace is nothing to be alarmed about.
  • A "geek" is a circus performer who bites the heads off of live chickens.
  • The blades of wind farm windmills are approximately the length of a semi and look like airplane wings.
  • There are two Comlara Parks.  On either side of a lake.  And this is not okay.
  • People appreciate my positivity, smile, and calmness.
  • Forever stamps last...forever.
  • Skittles is a dangerous game.  But lots of fun.
  • Empty buildings are creepier when there's a shower dripping in the dark bathroom.
  • You will find an entire cabinet of plastic bags left over from last year because the person responsible for recycling them is a slacker.
  • You may be adamant that the fire alarm will not go off in your building, but by the end of the week the central AC will force your fire alarm to go off.  Now that's what you call ironic...
  • You can make the little beeping smoke alarms stop making noise if you take them off the ceiling...
  • Even boys sing along with the songs they know.
  • Call Secondary.
Posts and updates about my door decs and other RCA pursuits are forthcoming because they have consumed my life so far.  Hooray!


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